When you talk about a Super-Hero movie, you will automatically visualise the kind of opponent he will get to fight for. Also there will be a history as how the hero gets his super power where films like Krish franchise already running after the success of “Koi Mil Gaya”. A Flying Jatt is on the similar pattern of Krish and other superhero movie Franchise and offers nothing new to the viewers; a common man getting super powers to fight with a fitting opponent.

But there is a different aspect of A Flying Jatt as well; it carries a beautiful message with it for the whole society. The villain of the movie turns out to be the pollution and the fight is between the common man and the pollution which is turning the metros unliveable.

The movie is getting promoted as a children’s movie and yes your child going to enjoy it. Be it the transformation process of a common man in to a superman, the love being shown by a mother in creating his charming superman’s costume or the difficulty and the fame being faced by a common man after becoming a super hero, you child will love it. And yes, there is a message for your little one as well; Save / Plant Tree, save environment. They can see how pollution ruining our health and how important it is to save or plan a tree. Your purpose is getting solved if you are going for the same.

Tiger Shroff is likable as a common man and as a superman as well, Jacqueline has been wasted and has nothing much to do in the movie. Nathan Jones creates the havoc as a monster thriving and becoming stronger everyday with increasing pollution. Kay Kay Menon as the business tycoon and the master of the monster has the cake walk through his role. A special mention of Rohit Dhillon as Tiger Shroff’s brother, he has done more than a justice to the role as a brother and best friend of the main lead.

Go with your little one, watch the smile on his/her face and feel proud that he has learned something today.

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