Banjo Movie Review

Banjo opens with the “Bappa” song with Ritesh Deshmukh on the Banjo making it a perfect beginning for a musical movie. A beautiful song with full of enthusiasm will give you the best start to get ready for watching a musical. But for the first half of the movie, the music ends there and unfolds the story of four slum dwellers with different professions connected through music, a Banjo Band. The music comes back only with the second half of the movie and again raise the tempo high living to the real musical movie.

The Band being lead by the exceptional Banjo Player Tarat (Ritesh Deshmukh) and other three guys being named as per their profession; the mechanic called grease and the paper distributor guy called paper, makes it a perfect band for Ganpati Visarjan, Local Weddings and other functions. As the Tarat’s Band enjoy most of the business, there is another Band as well, the musical rival kind, for the little friction and “maar-dhaar” in the movie.

Tarat’s music reaches to an aspiring singer / music composer (Nargis Fakhri) in New York through a sound recordist when she is looking for a perfect band for her songs to participate in a competition. The Banjo Music from India attracts her and she decided to record her songs with the band. The search brings her to India. Her meeting with Tarat, searching for the Band and ultimately finding them makes the first half of the movie little flat and boring. The search showcases nothing but her legs and accent to the slum dwellers and little gags around the same. Meanwhile the friction with the opposition band continues to have some actions in the movie.

Living to the tag of a Musical Movie, second half of the movie brings the music back where Nargis tries to get some breakthrough with the Banjo Band and perform few songs on stage. It gives immediate success to the band with photographs in the newspaper giving a reason to smile to their slum dweller fellows. And as expected, after success there comes the setback, the rivals strike, and the band lands in trouble. Misunderstanding between friends sends Fakhri back to NY not finding a way to make the Band work again.

Like a casual climax, the rival making confession, showing the real music spirit and requesting them to play again makes the band live again and bring the friends back. Not allowed to perform, they broke to the concert having their own portable stage and making people cheering on their songs brings the musical end to the movie.

Being nothing to offer in the first half, second half brings some musical sense to the movie. The drama with the friends and rivals seems very clichéd. Acting wise, all were just above average and the characters of the actors remained inside them.


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