Trout Fish Manali

Trout Fish in Manali is one of the attraction visitors normally miss.

Salmon fish are considered to be the best source for omega-3 fatty acid. For its high protein and high omega-3 fatty acid contains, it remains high in demand and costly as well. Fresh Water Trout Fish in Manali from the same Salmonidae Family found in the Himalayan Region of India are as good.


Being from the same family, Trout Fish are also very good source for Protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acid and available at a cheaper price as well. As Trout Fish are found in Himalayan Region of India, Manali in the State of Himachal Pradesh is a place to have the best Trout Fish. If you are in Manali, you should not miss to savour the delicious preparation of Trout Fish.

Trout Fish in Manali

Now if you are wondering where Trout Fish in Manali is best prepared and served, you are on the right page. “Highway on My Plate, Bella…River Bank” is the place which will first mesmerise you with its location and then with its Trout Fish Preparations. Placed right at the river bank it provides open sitting arrangement as well where you can enjoy the flowing river with Trout Fish. Trout Fish Curry with Rice or Roti will make your day as perfect lunch. You can have Baked or Fried Trout Fish, Dry or with Gravy, with Bone or Boneless as per your choice.

Located near the Span Resort and Spa, one of the best Resort in Manali, Highway on My Plate, Bella…River Bank is right on the Kullu Highway itself. If you are staying in Manali, it’s suggested to visit this place when you are on the way to visit Kullu Nagar. It’s approximately 15 KM from the Mall Road Manali.

It’s not a very fancy restaurant; it’s like any roadside dhaba on the highway. The menu is also very simple and rates very appropriate. You can choose from different variety of Trout Fish Preparation it offers. They don’t even have a card machine, so please go with cash in your wallet.

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