Flamingo Bird Photography at Bhigwan

Bhigwan a small town in Maharashtra is a heaven for Bird Photography especially for Flamingos visiting this place. Approx 100 Km from Pune, it has got backwaters of Ujani dam where you can ride on a boat for Bird Watching and Bird Photography.


Bird Photography is interesting because of the action it provides and you need to work on your shutter speed to have the best results. With a place like Bhigwan where you can find colourful flamingos and other birds, you cannot stop clicking them. The long Legged Flamingos are posed perfectly for your photographs.


Although it’s more famous for Flamingos, you can find Ducks, Herons, Egrets, Raptors, Waders and many other birds along with Flamingos. The best time to visit Bhiwan is in the month of Jan and Feb when you can find most of the migratory birds visiting this place. It’s a place where you can watch 1000-1500 birds at a time.

flamingo bird-photography

It’s better to reach Bighwan in the morning as afternoon Sun can be harsh on you and spoil your tour; also most of the birds are active in the morning. Morning is also the best time for a photograph; you can have photographs with rising sun when the backwaters become red. Sun set at the evening is equally compelling at Bhigwan.


The Bird Photography becomes easier at Bhigwan where you can find MTDC approved professionals who can guide you through the backwaters riding on a boat and will show you different kind of big and small birds across the Backwaters. They keep fishes with them to feed these birds to bring them in action giving you an opportunity to aim your camera and click some amazing photographs.


Get you zoom lenses ready for clicking as the Boat cannot take you to far corners where you can find flamingos standing in a row.





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