Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl talks about feminism through story of a financially strong Indian Girl living abroad

One Indian Girl
Writer Chetan Bhagat with His Book

With a truly Bollywood Style, One Indian Girl starts with the marriage of a girl where her two ex-boyfriend lands to get her lady love back, and then flash back.

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat is a story of a Punjabi Girl. Studious and unattractive girl got the best Management College in India, but always missed the attention among boys. Her sister with a fair skin and expert with makeup and dresses getting all the attentions also make her feel inferior most of the time. But being good at studies she made most out of it, got one of the best placement and shifted base to New York. New environment, lots of money, she gets a boyfriend as well. She started working on her looks and dressing as well to compensate for the lost days.

Having met with her life’s first admirer, she moved to a live in relationship immediately. Being possessive of her first love, she became more than committed. But as she started earning more and more and getting committed towards her work, the male ego started getting hurt. After two years of relationship her partner left her saying he need a housewife who can look after his home and children and not a working girl over committed to work.

Broken heart she moved to a different country and started afresh. Here again cupid strike and she fells for her boss who is twenty years older than her, married having two children. Here again understanding that her boss doesn’t want her to get settled with a family, she broke with him as well and again left to a different country.

Now with two breakups, she is getting married to a Software Engineer; an arranged marriage for which her mother was forcing her and her past came in between. Both her boyfriends landed at her destination wedding to win her back saying leaving her was the biggest mistake of their life.

The story ends with the decision of a “One Indian Girl” to let the past be the past and start afresh.

Chetan Bhagat with One Indian Girl tries to explore the feminism and equal opportunity for girls which sound fancy on paper only. Her first breakup was because the man she loved the most was not able to handle her success and there is nothing wrong in looking for a housewife. Like a women, a men can also have his personal choice. But again coming back to win her lady back was the love he got from her and couldn’t find the same solace what he was having with her.

Her second breakup was her choice as the person she was in love with was married and well settled and wanted a non committed relationship. She gets to know that there is no future of this relationship and it’s better to quit. She quoted that “She wants a nest and want to fly as well”.

One Indian Girl explores the mentality of a middle class Indian girl who from the first year of her job itself earns more than the director of an Indian Bank where her father works. Not getting attention of boys in her college life, she grabs the first opportunity in a hurry without judging the boy. Her second affair was for fun and was a lust in true sense which was not meant to last long. Both her ex-boyfriend coming back to win her lady again was little dramatic and shows men as stupid to be thrown out ultimately.

One Indian Girl is a nice read and may be become a bollywood movie soon. The style which Chetan Bhagat has adopted seems to avoid lot of work to convert it in a script.

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