Dear Zindagi

Dear ZindagiTo understand someone, you need to talk to him. To understand your life, you need to talk to your life. Dear Zindagi, as the name suggest, is a conversation with the life; conversation of the protagonist Kaira through her psychologist Dr. Jehangir Khan. Kaira (Alia Bhatt) apparently having some issues in her life and suffering from Insomnia got in touch with Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan), a psychologist who in turn become her philosopher and guide and a conversation with life starts.

Going away from conventional cinema making and making a film true to your heart need courage, and Gauri Shinde has put her heart with this film and established a philosophical conversation with life which will slowly lead you towards the oneness with yourself. Conflict happens in life when there are two of you living inside, once the two become one, life is bliss. Dear Zindagi will take you on a journey towards making your life bliss.

Kaira, an ambitious cinematographer, has grown up with a fear of being abandoned.  Having ignored by her parents in her childhood was taking a toll on her current relationships. Being apprehensive she was getting out of her relationships abruptly. With all these relationships not working and she is not on good terms with her parents as well, she was looking for a solace. Suffering from insomnia, she got in touch with psychologist Dr. Jehangir Khan or Jug. Jug being a psychologist initiate a conversation with Kaira and tried solving her conflicts with his philosophical thoughts and short stories. Kaira getting relieved slowly from her conflicts started enjoying this conversational therapeutic session and the company of Jug. He becomes her friend, philosopher and guide and the conversation led Kaira towards oneness with herself relieving her from all the conflicts. Life was bliss now, instead of saying bye, it was time to say hi to Zindagi.

Dear Zindagi being a therapeutic session, you will enjoy the every bit of the conversation and will relate to it. You will relate with the trauma of Kaira and the process of taking her out of it. The movie doesn’t get preachy as the film is all about finding the missing pieces of the Jigsaw puzzle of life and not solving it. Jug confirming the same that he can only find the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, but she need to solve the puzzle herself. It will give you the insight and rest is how you take it. There are many such gems available with this journey in form of Dr Jehangir’s words, you need to go and watch the movie and collect all of them with your heart open, the journey will take you to the place where you will be with your true yourself.

Alia Bhatt is brilliant as Kaira and the way she has handled the role of a conflict ridden women is just wonderful. Sahrukh Khan is charming as usual and this kind of role is a cake walk for him.

Five Reason You Must Watch This Movie

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