‘The girl on the train’ is a psychological thriller book written by Paula Hawkins.

The girl on the train

The girl on the train starts with the story of the main character ‘Rachael’ who is an alcoholic woman and is divorced from her husband. She commutes daily by 8.04 train to her workplace and in between this journey, the train always stops at a signal from where she notices a house daily and the people living in it.

There is a couple in that house and she observes them daily. She has also put there imaginary names, ‘Jess and Jason’. She fantasises their lives and makes stories about them in her mind. She considers them to be the perfect married couple and always comparing their lives with her own.

Then suddenly one day she sees something and her faith in their idealism is shattered. In the meanwhile the female of the house, whose name is Megan (as she came to know afterwards) goes missing in mysterious way. Rachael goes to police to give her statement and to tell them of what she saw that day but the police ignores her thinking her to be an alcoholic who is talking nothing but rubbish.

This is when she tries to solve the mystery by herself and gets involved in something which comes out to be real bad and creepy afterwards.

Narrative style of the author is superb. She has created a nail biting situation at each and every step. She won’t let you predict the abductor and the killer (since Megan gets killed few days after her abduction) till the last page of the book.

She creates a situation where no one can be trusted including Rachael. This book is full of secrets. It was fascinating, exciting and thrilling. The book made me sit through end. The best thing about the book is the frequency of red herrings dropped by the author into the story every now and then.

All in all The girl on the train is a good read!

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the girl on the train

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