Hindi Medium

Said to be based on Bengali film Ramdhanu, Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar starrer Hindi Medium is a satire in true sense with one of the most burning issue of your Child’s Admission.

Hindi Medium
Hindi Medium Star Cast

School Admission is a pain these days as Government Schools are not in good shape and Private Schools are ready to make a hole with your pocket. Most of the parents will relate with Hindi Medium movie and will enjoy the hilarious drama.

Very few Hindi Filmmakers choose satire based on relevant issues for film making. We need to thank Saket Chaudhary for the same and also releasing this movie at a very appropriate time as well when admissions are open with most of the schools.

Films like Hindi Medium are the demand of the time where social and other media are talking about lots of different social issues continuously being faced by common public, than why not films. Films has got wider range of viewers and the message conveyed will have better impact with big stars talking about the same on a bigger screen across the country.

Hindi Medium has correctly touched the nerve of Indian Public with one of the burning issue of School Admission. The mentality of a parent regarding School Admission of their child has been captured perfectly with Irfan and Saba playing parent of a girl child. The Society Status related to the same, Public School interviews and other Tantrums, Parents Helplessness with English Language and Government School conditions all has been covered and weaved beautifully for telling the story light heatedly.

Satire is completely different genres from comedy where you want to laugh but it forces you to think rather. Hindi Medium will force you to laugh at yourself and ponder deeply at the same time.

Although showing the rich couple living in a chawl for their Childs Admission seems little unbelievable and unreal, it works perfectly fine for the Character of Deepak Dobriyal. With one of his best performance, Deepak Dobriyal as a poor father heads the second half of the movie and hit the right emotional chord of the audience.

Movie like Hindi Medium needs to be made and viewed by public to keep the senses alive.

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Hindi Medium Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium

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