Lion Movie doesn’t roar but will take you under its grip silently.

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Lion Movie is a simple yet gripping story of a missing child getting adopted by an Australian Couple and his search of his family when he grows up. As the film is based on the book “A Long Way Home” by Saroo Brierley, the film tells the story of three phases of Saroo’s life.

The first phase of Lion Movie is Saroo’s childhood where living with extreme poverty, he is happy with the love and care of his mother and elder brother Guddu. Living a carefree life, you will love the little cute Saroo and his innocence. You will feel sad when he gets lost and reaches to Kolkata. Escaping from the Child Trafficker and getting chased off from sleeping at footpath, your heart will sink for the boy who is not getting enough food to eat.

Ultimately he gets into an orphanage with the help of a local person. His second phase of life starts when he gets adopted by an Autralian Couple and shifted to Hobart, Tasmania. You will start feeling good for Saroo for the unconditional love he was getting from his new found family. The Grown up Saroo (Dev Patel) move to Melbourn to study Hotel Management where he finds it difficult to deal with his identity. He admits, he was lost and adopted. He feels a strong urge to meet his family. This second phase deals with Saroo’s mental status where he strongly feels for his family there in India and get detached with his immediate love and family.

The third phase of his life talks about the technology – Google Earth, where he tries to find out his location in India as suggested by his friends. The frustration of not able to find his location and getting solace with his loved one is what makes the most part of this third phase. Ultimately getting a clue through Google Earth itself, Saroo reaches India and find his family. The emotions of meeting his mother and sister almost after 20 years cannot be explained in words and you need to see Dev Patel perfecting the same.

Lion Movie without much drama and action tells a gripping story. Sunny Pawar as little Saroo will win your heart.

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