M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story – Movie Review

Cricket is a religion for India, and Movie is the second thing which Indians are crazy about. Combining both was expected to be a deadly combination and Neeraj Pandey has delivered it beautifully.

Cricket being the religion, M S Dhoni is next to the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar for the current generation, and his journey is worth making it a movie. Coming from a Lower Middle Class family from Bihar and making it to the Captain of world’s best cricket team is nothing less than a dream, and good movies are made out of dreams only.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story starts with the peculiar Bihar environment where “Padhoge Likhoge Banoge Nawab, Keloge-Koodoge Hoge Kharab” (Study will make your life and sports will ruin it) is the motto of every parent and getting a government job for their children are the prime motive. Dhoni playing football in such an environment, getting his daily dose of telling off. Dhoni spotted by the school cricket coach who is in search of a wicket keeper, forces cricket on him to some extent. Being a natural hitter, Dhoni’s journey starts once he shows off his cricket capability on local level and different state level games. This creates the perfect pitch for a cricketing movie.

Dhoni getting his first dose of “work hard” lesson from his father’s dedication towards his work and his beautiful chemistry with his elder sisters, mothers love and father’s dream of him getting a government job has been depicted beautifully across the first half of the movie. There are friends who are ready to do anything for his beloved Maahi and want to see him at the top of the cricket world, their heart jumps on his every hit and sink when he gets out. Trying all the way for him to attend the Duleep Trophy which he misses show the true friendship spirit. Although friendship wins, this was one of the setback and opportunity lost for Dhoni after not getting selected for under 19 which makes him more stronger and firmer. The movie proceeds smoothly towards Dhoni’s dream with all these relations making a mark in the movie.

Ultimately Dhoni gets a Government Job based on his sports skill fulfilling his father’s dream, sweets getting distributed and there was an atmosphere of celebration. But the celebration turned out to be a frustration for managing between cricket and a government job. It’s tough to run away from a government job for your passion, but that’s what makes a winner different from a common man, and yes it’s true, if you are really passionate about something, the whole world gets together to make it happen for you. This becomes true for Dhoni as well as how opportunity knocks his door again.

Rest of the story we all know when Dhoni gets a chance to play for India and makes history, what we don’t know is about his love life. The love story of Dhoni with two beautiful young ladies, Disha Patani and Kiara Advani, will make your day. The first being the tragic one will also leave you sad. Both the young ladies are beautiful and fresh and make a mark in the movie with their beautiful smiles and acting skills.

The second half of the movie is more about the growth of Dhoni from one match to another and the movie ends with 2011 world cup and its seems to be right to stop there. Cricket fans will just enjoy the chronicles.

Sushant Singh Rajput has done justice to his role, adding Bihari tone to his accent makes it more realistic. Anupam Kher as his father is fabulous as ever. Bhoomika Chawla as Dhoni’s elder sister was a surprise and took some time to believe that she is the same Bhoomika Chawla of Tere Naam. There are some look-alike like Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina (HerryTangri and Ram Charan respectively) to bring a realistic touch to the movie.

The Songs are soulful and mixed with the story telling beautifully as you will never get a chance to leave your seat.


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