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Why Mirzya Movie Failed

Such a spectacular presentation, breathtaking shots and flawless acting, still Mirzya Movie falls to connect with the viewers and touch the right chord. From a filmmaker of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra stature, not only the expectations were high, we can’t even think of such a flat love story of Mirza Sahiban.

Mirza Sahiban is a love story between Sahiban, an exceptionally beautiful girl and Mirza, an excellent horse rider and master of archery. The beauty of Sahiban is such that one can only dream of. Mirza is such an exceptional archer, not a single arrow from his bow will miss the target. The Mirzya Movie perfectly starts with the flawless archery show of Mirza which makes Sahiban gasp at his every shoot, but it misses the point in portraying the exceptional beauty of Sahiban. Although Saiyami Kher looks stunning as Sahiban and her eyes do all the talking, a little bit of emphasis on Sahiban’s unmatched beauty which makes not only Mirza but others heart as well fall for her would have given a perfect base for this passionate love story. The original Mirza Sahiban story has been focussed more on visuals rather creating the chemistry between them.


With the contemporary story of Munish/Adil and Suchitra, both the essential points of Mirza Sahiban love story have been missed here; neither Munish/Adil shows any exceptional skill to make Suchitra fall in love with him again, neither Suchitra’s beauty has been explored for making Munish/Adil more mad for her. With absence of the very basics of Mirza Sahiban story, both the love story remains flat and seems forced without any passion.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Mirzya Movie is the outcome of his theatrical experience of Mirza Sahiban play and he tried to experiment to recreate the same on the big screen. As theatre storytelling is totally different from Cinema still Mehra’s presentation was flawless and what we had is an unique experience of watching this musical theatre style drama on Big Screen. It was more of a creative calling rather a film making. The problem here was that this kind of story telling is for those who are aware, understand and enjoy theatre. Theatres are normally adaptation of popular stories and audience are well aware of the plots in advance, what here matter is the artistic presentation. Mehra’s Mirzya is also on the same line where he thinks that people are aware of Mirza Sahiban Story but very few people can relate even with the painting of Mirza Sahiban on the wall with the broken arrows shown in the beginning and other parts of the movie.

The original Mirza Sahiban story which runs in background should have been explored more giving a proper based for the contemporary story. The Mirza Sahiban story remains untold here. The contemporary story lacks the passion as the very basic of the story remains unexplored.

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