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Mirzya is based on Mirza-Sahiban folk tale, a little less popular folk tale from Punjab. It’s a tragic love story of Mirza and Sahiban which is popular among different theatre artists and singers for adapting the story and telling in their own style. Mirzya is Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s attempt for telling this ever green tragic love story first time on big screen. There are different adaptation available for Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal , folktales from the same region, on big screen as well; Mirza Sahiban being less popular has got its first adaptation as Mirzya on big screen.

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Mirzya is inspired by theatrical presentation of Mirza Sahiban and it’s visible across the movie with its story telling style. The original story runs in background and parallel to that runs the contemporary Mirza Sahiban Story. In between you will have the soulful voice of Daler Mehdi singing Mirza Sahiban Story giving you a perfect theatre experience. Other songs like “Ek Nadi Thi” by Nooran Sisters and K. Mohan and “Kaaga” by Kaushiki Chakraborty give perfect high to the presentation. The story telling is not only through songs but has been spectacularly mixed with dances as well. The group dance story telling songs give it a perfect folklore touch and have been choreographed beautifully.

Mirza Sahiban is a small but beautiful story about Sahiban’s love for Mirza and her family as well; where even after running away with her lover, she thinks of her family and save them from getting killed by Mirza. This cost her Mirza’s life and ultimately she also kills herself. It’s a story of choice; it’s a story of sacrifice. This small story couldn’t make a full length feature film, thus Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra chooses to have a parallel contemporary story of Munish /Adil and Suchitra on the same line of Mirza Sahiban and kept the original one at background taking a reference time to time.

As the contemporary story of Mirzya is on the same line of Mirza Sahiban, sometime it feels forced where a foreign return girl who is getting married to a prince, falls for her childhood love and ran away with him on the day of her marriage. Mirza had become an expert archer and wins heart of Sahiban with his exceptional archery, where with the contemporary story the reason of falling the girl for the new age Mirza was missing. May be because of their childhood love story where Munish kills the teacher as he beats Suchitra, but it was not that convincing. The new age Mirza showing some exceptional skills for winning her love again like original Mirza may have worked better.

To enjoy the charm of the Mirzya, you need to understand Mirza Sahiban story and you need to understand what it all about. As the movie is all about a simple love story, presentation was important and Mehra has presented it well with the theatrical charm and combining it with folklore style of song and dance story telling. Lyrics of Gulzar has turned the complete movie into a poem and from the start itself where Om Puri reciting few line, Mehra makes the intention clear. All the locations are terrific and the overall visual impact of the movie is just amazing. Songs are for the story and story is for the songs.

As a new comer, Harshwardhan Kapoor and Saiyami Kher are good, with this theatrical kind of story telling much dialogue are not required and your eyes do the talking. I don’t remember the original Mirza Sahiban story running at the background having any dialogue, but the body language and visual appeal of both the actors were stunning. Other actors have also done their job gracefully. A special mention to the dusky beauty Anjali Patil as Zeenat, who has done a great job and look stunning with the local attire.

Mirzya is not for the masses for sure, it will be loved by those who understand theatres and look forward for the big screen adaptation of Mirza Sahiban.

Why You Should Watch Mirzya 

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