MOM as the name suggest is the story of a Mother; step Mother of a young girl.

Star Cast Of MOM
Star Cast Of MOM

The movie starts with a note of troubled relation between MOM Sridevi and Daughter Sajal Ali. You understand that mother needs to do something to win the girl. How she wins her girl is the story of the movie where circumstances allow her to prove how far she can go for her daughter.

The girl leave the house for a late night party and you wait for something to happen. The obvious happen with girl getting physically assaulted and thrown in a gutter.

Justice denied even after a clear statement from the victim keeps the MOM troubled as the culprits moves freely and her daughter is suffering. As expected she plans to take revenge.

MOM works with a private detective and start taking revenge one by one. The girl came to know about the same at the end and hugs her mother like never before.  MOM wins the girl.

Although the movie works as per your expectations and doesn’t provide anything new to say wow, the pace of the movie is good and will not bore you but will also not amaze you at the same time.

Although with an important role, both Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna don’t have much to do for having a lasting impression. With a unique get-up and tone, Nawaz impresses but we keep looking for more.

It’s a Sri Devi film and she proves that she is one of best actress around. Her portrayal of a step mother looking for more from her daughter is just brilliant. Her helplessness, her anger and the determination to take revenge comes live from her excellent expressions and body language.

Being a thriller, the movie could have been better if the focus was on the thrilling events instead of MOM.



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