Why you should must watch MS Dhoni Movie

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, The MS Dhoni Movie being a Biopic talks about the life of MS Dhoni starting from his childhood to the highest peak he achieve in his cricketing career. It takes you through his different phases of life out of which different messages can be taken out for our own life.

You should watch MS Dhoni Movie: The Untold Story for understanding that –

Sometime it’s not you who decides as what you should be doing in your life, but a career chooses you instead – MS Dhoni a Football player in his school gets spotted by his school cricket coach and almost forces cricket on him. As the time passes, Dhoni started enjoying the game and excel with sheer determination.

You can find your motivation at your home itself – There are people who get motivated by following some celebrities, but that only gives you the target, not how to achieve it. Dhoni, looking at his father’s dedication and hard work towards his job gets his first lesson at his home itself. Hard Work and Dedication towards your work can give you success for whatever you do, and you should not look for an Idol outside, your parents can be your best role model. Neeraj Pandey with the MS Dhoni Movie has created the peculiar lower middle class family environment particularly from Bihar.

Friends are forever – When no one is supporting you, friends are the only one you can have faith on and rely upon. Sometimes for friends, your dream becomes bigger than their own dreams and they can do anything for you making your dreams come true. When no one was there to help Dhoni when he missed the Duleep Trophy, their friends came forwards and tried their best to make it possible showing true sportsman spirit. MS Dhoni Movie portrays the spirit of friendship showing beautiful camaraderie between the friends.

It’s not always in the field you lose a game, sometime you lose it off the field as well – This was what Dhoni says when they lost a test against Punjab. The scene with the MS Dhoni Movie where Yuvraj Singh playing for Punjab crosses Dhoni and his teammates off the field, the guys were awestruck looking at him saying – “what a player”. Sometime you let your opponent win the game by giving more importance and boosting their moral unnecessarily and getting de-motivated yourself. The Off Field Scene with Yuvraj Singh is just brilliant.

If you really want to make it big, it’s important to run away from the worldly comfort zone to fulfil you dream – It’s true that dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. Dhoni working as a Ticket Collector got frustrated and has sleepless nights when he sees his cricket career not moving forward. Money was important, but that was not his dream. He left this comfort zone of fulfilling his father’s dream for having a government job and decided to focus on his game.

When you are passionate about something and give it your best, opportunity knocks your door – Dhoni running away from his comfort zone got a different life when Talent Search Team was appointed and spotted him. He got selected for India Eleven playing for the Indian Cricket Team. It’s true that whole universe starts working towards fulfilling your dream if you are really passionate about it.

It’s not always that you fall in love with a girl who understand your profession, your heart falls for the innocence as well – Sakshi, the girl whom Dhoni married, was not a cricket fan and even don’t recognise Dhoni in the hotel she was working for. The innocence attracted Dhoni and he falls for her.

Sometime you still feel happy when your own deep rooted thoughts proved wrong – Dhoni’s father was never in favour of him leaving the Government Job and going after his cricketing dream, still he was happy looking at the end looking at his son scoring for the country and making him proud. When Dhoni call him, he tells him that he is happy that his own thought has been defeated. MS Dhoni Movie is all about going against the common school of thought and coming out as a winner.

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