Ok Jaanu Review

Ok Jaanu Review Snippet: Ok Jaanu presents the young generation’s take on relationship beautifully, will entertain you with the sizzling chemistry of the lead pair but will leave you looking for more as the beautiful story ends very simply unable to bring the emotions on screen.

Ok Jaanu Review
Ok Jaanu Review

Ok Jaanu Review:

As per new generations, life is tough and marriage makes it tougher. Already burdened with corporate responsibilities, they are not ready to bear the extra burden of marriage and want their own space for whatever time they left with. They have an impression that married people keep fighting for petty things and over that children make life a mess. Also many have seen their parents going through a disturbed marriage life, left them with no choice but to disapprove the concept of marriage.

Marriage as an institution doesn’t have much respect with younger generations and they understand the importance of marriage only when they understand to respect a relationship. Today with an independent younger generation, either girl or the boy, not ready to get committed for a relationship immediately and take their own space and time to chose their life partner. Sex is no more a taboo and they enjoy it as a part of their life.

Ok Jaanu is a story of such a couple and presents the above scenario through them beautifully. Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Tara (Shraddha Kapoor) disapprove the concept of marriage and making a fun of the petty issues and children mess becoming the core of married life becomes buddy based on their common thought of living a non-committal life. Being attracted towards each other, they started living-in with an old couple Gopi uncle (Naseeruddin Shah) and Charu Aunty (Leela Samson). The Story of Gopi and Charu runs parallel where Charu suffers from memory loss and Gopi looks after her with utmost love and care.

The concept of the movie Ok Jaanu was to instil the value of long term relationship and establish faith on institution of marriage with younger generation. The story of the old couple Gopi and Charu supposed to become an example for the young couple Adi and Taara but somehow the film was not able to engross the audience emotionally and runs without much ups and downs making the movie a flat run.

The first half of the movie is interesting where it shows the couple making merry and getting attracted towards each other. The lust among them where they don’t consider sex a taboo has been filmed beautifully. Beautiful Shraddha Kapoor and Handsome Aditya Roy Kapur’s chemistry sizzles on the screen.

Ok Jaanu having the potential of becoming an emotionally engrossing movie makes its audience looking for more and end without much emotional drama. It remains a sweet and simple love story leaving audience to understand the emotions on their own.

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