Palkhi in Maharshtra is an annual event called Wari or Vari where people from Alandi and Dehu Road starts their foot walk to reach Pandharpur with Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram’s Paduka in a Palkhi.  Dnyaneshwar’s Palkhi leave from Alandi and Tukaram’s from Dehu Road. Other palkhi also keep joining on the way making the pilgrimage bigger and bigger to cover this 250 km walk. They cross Pune city the third and fourth day of the Pilgrimage taking a halt.


Pandharpur is famous for God Vithoba and this pilgrimage is performed in his honour only. It takes 22 days from Alandi and Dehu Road to reach Pandharpur by foot and the pilgrimage culminate on Ashadi Ekadashi.


Different Varkari’s keep joining this pilgrimage with Holy Basil Plant on their head and singing Vithoba Song. Groups with Jhaal and Mridang cover the distance by singing and dancing. The enthusiasm and the vigour of each Warkari to reach Pandharpur is what needs to be seen.

Ladies Carrying Holy Basil Plant
Ladies Carrying Holy Basil Plant

After reaching Pandharpur on Ashadi Ekadashi, Varkari take a holy dip in the sacred Chadrabhaga River before proceeding to take Darshan Vithoba’s central icon in the main temple.


People from the city came to have a look at the Palkhi and offer fruits and water to the Warkari.



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