Parched Movie Review

Parched Movie is an excellent progressive cinema

Parched Movie ReviewWhen the wild wind want to blow you away, only your firm stand and faith in yourself can keep you stable and unhurt. The three leading ladies of the Parched Movie is on the verge of getting shattered with the continuous bash of life and the only thing keep them going is the fountain of love and faith running inside them ready to come out anytime and make their Parched life completely wet. But in the Man’s Land of Rajasthan, there is no place for this fountain of love and parched inside as well is the way to live for women. But they are brave, hopeful and ready to tread a new path fulfilling their dream and not ready to surrender.

Parched is a story of three women living a love less life in a village of Rajasthan where still there is no television and women there making a demand for the same so that their husband can stay at home, mobile phone has been introduced recently by the village court and already cursing its bad effect on younger generation, child marriage and familial rape are common. With this backdrop, we have Rani and Lajjo (Tannishtha Chatterjee and Radhika Apte respectively), two friends from the village working for an entrepreneur and earning their livelihood. Rani a widow for most of her life always misses the physical and emotional love of a man in her life. Lajjo with a drunkard and infertile husband wanted to have a child, but instead she gets accused of being infertile and beaten every night. Then we have Bijli (Surveen Chawla), the erotic dancer fulfilling the lust of village men in the darkness of night. Though in this profession, Bijli always look for a perfect partner who loves her from the core of his heart and find solace in company of Rani and Lajjo.

With these three ladies having their own fantasy, the Parched Movie takes you to a thought provoking journey where you are forced to think of the age old traditions still having roots with the remote villages of India. You feel for these three ladies taking on men’s world and discussing love and sex curiously. Their take on abusive language being used by men is funny and intriguing at the same time. The camaraderie between these three ladies has been depicted beautifully and shows how three free spirited women enjoy together and help fulfilling each other’s dream.

Radhika Apte gave life to Lajjo on screen with her bold acting literally letting her fountain inside making a way by breaking all the barriers and drenching her to fullest. Tannishtha Chatterjee as Rani makes he dream fulfil by fulfilling the dream of her daughter in law by not allowing her to lead life what she has lived. Bijli is as vibrant as her name and bold enough to live her mind. Surveen Chawla has done justice to her act with the blunt talk and giving enough water to the parched life of Rani and Lajjo. Leading Rani and Lajjo towards freedom, she also gets freed from the men’s lusty world.

Parched is not just a movie, it’s a journey towards freedom and finding the womanhood in this men’s world. Parched is a cruel reality which our women faces everyday and mirror to the old traditions still living happily under men’s moustache in the rural India. The climax scene of Dussehra celebrating victory of truth and worshipping the divine power of feminine is the crux of the movie conveying perfectly that at the same time we worship Durga and Kali and oppress our lady at home.

Parched Movie is an excellent step towards progressive cinema and a must watch.

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