Prayer Flag

The Mantras on the fluttering Prayer Flag are working for you and your environment.

If you have visited Mountains / Himalayas or its surroundings, you must have seen colourful small flags flying high everywhere.  Have you ever wondered what those hanging colourful flags are and what are these for? These are called Tibetan Prayer Flag or Buddhist Prayer Flag and hung high for the wind to carry the benefit associated with this Colourful Mantra written flags.

Buddhist believe that when these Prayer Flags are hung high and fluttered by air, it gives the surrounding the benefits of the mantras written on it; wind flowing through these flags carry the benefits of the mantra written on it to the surroundings and the people living there. It’s for the well being of the people living there. Normally these flags are hung at a place where there are continuous flows of wind so that the flags should keep flying and keep the people and place blessed.

Prayer Flag
Prayer Flag at one of Manali River Bridge

There are two types of Tibetan Prayer Flag – Horizontal and Vertical. Generally Horizontal Flags are used everywhere. They are normally tied from one high point to another to hang it high. You can find it placed on bridges and other high and open places where wind flow continuously. These Horizontal Tibetan Prayer Flag comes in a colour pattern of Blue, White, Red, Green and Yellow to represent the five elements Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth respectively.

The Buddhist Prayer Wheels are also based on the similar concept. Multiple Prayer Wheels with Sanskrit mantra –“Om Mani Padme Hum” written / engraved on it installed at the Buddhist Monastery believed to be spreading the benefits just by rotating it. It is believed that rotating the prayer wheel gives the same benefit of chanting the mantra. There are different kinds of Prayer Wheels – Mani Wheel is an individual single wheel with rotating stick, Water Wheel is being rotated by flowing water, Fire Wheel are used to get rotated by heat and Wind Wheel by wind.

Prayer Wheel Prayer Flag

Prayer Flags are getting fashionable these days where it’s getting decorated on a two wheeler or a four wheeler. The vertical flags are getting kept on working table as well. Using these flags is fine, but we need to understand the essence of these flags and respect it accordingly.

Prayer Wheel Prayer Flag Prayer Flag

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