Rangoon with fine actors on board provides one of the best performances from the lead actors but fall short with flat story and not so intriguing narrative.

Rangoon Movie Review

Rangoon MovieRangoon is a story of Love and self realization with a back drop of World War II. It’s a story of an actress Julia (Kangana Ranaut) who is also a mistress of her British Rule Supporter mentor Rustom “Rusi” Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan).

Julia lives under the so called glamour of name, fame and money dreaming of becoming Mrs Billimoria one day. She is not aware what India is going through under this British Rule and happy with whatever she has.

The story takes a turn when Julia meets Jemadar Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor), an INA supporter who is fighting for the freedom of his country. Jemadar Nawab Malik’s lookout change Julia’s perspective. Julia chooses the Free Spirit Jemadar Nawab Malik fighting for his country over the British Puppet Rustom “Rusi” Billimoria.

Following his love, Mr Billimoria ultimately revolt against the British and shows his oppressed patriotism.

The story becomes special with excellent performance by the lead actors specially Shahid Kapoor. A special mention required for Richard McCabe as Major General Harding. As a Hindi speaking Gora, McCabe is just brilliant. You will love his love for Hindi Shayari and Classical Music.

Vishal Bhardwaj well known for depicting complex and intriguing love stories on the screen, Rangoon fall little short as the complexity of the relationship takes a back stage with more focus on patriotism.

The climax of the film is little dramatic where Julia turns into a sort of superhero to save Jemadar Nawab Malik. Wearing eye mask and superhero belt, Running and jumping over a moving train and saving her love is what audience will find little difficult to digest.

Go for the sincere approach of Mr Vishal Bhardwaj to present the India in the time of Second World War, the excellent acting on display and the not so common soulful music with the distinctive voice of Mrs Rekha Bhardwaj and lyrics by Gulzar.

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