Rock On 2 being a sequel of Rock On which released in 2008 brings the musician friends together and talk about their life and re-union. Rock On 2 is a story of repentance, self realisation and reunion of friends told in a insipid manner.

Rock On 2Rock On 2 is story of Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) who is living a reclusive life in Shillong repenting for the suicide of a budding musician which he thinks was because of his ignorance. Living alone in a remote village near Shillong, working for the well being of the villagers, he has got his own way for repenting leaving his wife and son in Mumbai.

There is Mumbai we have Joe Mascarehas (Arjun Rampal) and Kedar Zaveri (Purab Kohli), also known as KD (Killer Drummer). Where Joe is a successful businessman owning a club and judging some reality show on TV as well, KD tries to remind him of their olden days and hope that one day they will all come together for their first love – Music.

Parallel to the story of Repentance, there is a story of Self Realisation as well. Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor), daughter of a legendry musician (Kumud Mishra), living an oppressed life because his father disapproves the new age music. Although she works on her music secretly, she never comes out of the fact that his brother has suicide because of the same disapproval and she is also forced to live an oppressed life.

The story moves further where Aditya met Jiah and understanding that she is the sister of the deceased guy for whom he is repenting, he tries to unburden some of his guilt by telling the truth to her. Jiah started working Aditya, Joe and KD and ultimately share the stage with them for a concert they organised for a cause.

Rock On 2 as such doesn’t have a story to tell, it moves with its own pace and keep the audience amused as what story they are going to tell further. As the movie tries to talk about lots of things at the same time – Aditya’s repentance, his connection with the villagers, his wife and their son, Jiah’s traumatic life, his brothers suicide, Joe’s commercial life, KD’s love for music and Music of course, it fails to connect all dramatically. Having all the positive vibes still Rock On 2 lacks the emotion it should generate. Movie seems to be scattered in bits and pieces lacking a common thread to connect all. It seems that movie has been made just for the sake of having a sequel. Not having a compelling story to tell makes Rock On 2 Boring.

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