Saat Uchakkey

Saat Uchakkey Movie Review

Saat Uchakkey Movie ReviewWith a Star Cast like Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon, Vijay Raz, Anupam Kher and Annu Kapoor, Saat Uchakkey was expected to be a class movie showcasing the best of the listed actors, but sadly they have been misused just for using the cuss words. As it was a comedy film, it rarely provides a laugh. On the name of comedy every dialogue has “Maa-Behen ki gaali”, even the leading lady (Aditi Sharma) has not been spared and her dialogues has all the unwanted cuss words male actors are using.

Saat Uchakkey is a story of seven guys coming together for making some quick money and misguiding the local police with a plan. Manoj Bajpayee leading the gang, we have other six including the leading lady as well. Kay Kay Menon playing the police inspector riding a scooter every time and on prowl for these Uchakkeys. Like the average story, the script is also very average with a little scope for comedy or adventure.

As I understand, Sanjeev Sharma must be having three things in his mind for making this movie – First, to make a comedy film, for which he has just the cuss words with almost each and every dialogue which haven’t worked. Second, to make Saat Uchakkey a heist movie where Manoj Bajpayee getting an idea of a hidden treasure at an old dilapidate mansion owned by Anupam Kher. It looks very forced to plan a theft of a treasure just by having an idea. Anupam Kher has been wasted here totally with a caricatured character of mansion owner. Third, to provide an artistic touch by having mentally ill Annu Kapoor with hypnotising power and ability to look at past and future. The climax is also having Annu Kapoor showing the virtual mirror to all the Saat Uchakkey and leading them to self realisation.

Mr Sharma has failed with all his three plans leaving Saat Uchakkey just with cuss words and boring treasure hunt. Annu Kapoor looks out of the frame and getting forced on the movie sometime. Anupam Kher is a total waste looking for his dead wife and firing his gun unnecessarily. To some extent Kay Kay Menon impresses as the police inspector with a confused look, neither getting his lady love nor having any clue of the Saat Uchakkey.

Saat Uchakkey is not even a onetime watch and should be given a pass for all the unnecessary stuffs it’s carrying.

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