Why Sairat Was A Hit

Sairat, as the name suggest, it’s all about free spirits madly in love making the environment wild. It’s positively wild for the love birds and a wild ride for the viewers as well.

Sairat is a story of two very young couple madly in love. There are many movies in hindi and other regional languages on the same track where lovers elope and face the struggle of life just for living with their loved one. Why Sairat became such a big hit is because of its rustic charm and the credit goes to the Director Nagraj Manjule for its presentation.

From the first scene of the movie itself you became the part of the movie and flow as the story flows. Having a crush with the most beautiful girl of the college/village and always looking for a chance to have a glimpse of his lady love, Parshya aka Prashant Kale, the leading guy become very believable and every one can relate with him.

The real Sairat of the movie is Archi aka Archana Patil, the leading lady of the film. She has got the rustic charm of a village girl, innocence of a new comer at the college and attitude of being the daughter of a corporator. Most of the girl would like to live a life like Archi thus loved by all for her carefree attitude towards the life. She is boyish; ride a bullet and tractor, proactive; come forward and talk, and bold; take stand and talk her heart.

The story has all the reality punch; either for making an attempt to talk to the girl, reacting to the first indication of girl, meeting the girl and proposing her, or we can say getting proposed by her. The age in which they are, their behaviours are so real that you will keep smiling through all these scenes having a sense that you have done the same kind of thing when you were at their age.

Apart from the rustic love story, there are friends who are more than believable. The camaraderie between these three friends are just fantastic and you can live you college days with them. Off College as well the setup are so real, the way they hang out and tease each other with girls name, you love them instantly for the same kind of friends and fun you have enjoyed.

The story takes you further when the couple eloping in a fit of fury. Being the free spirit they live in present and never think of future outcome. They are not aware where they are going and how they are going to manage, they just ran away. With other movie, star cast being mature, it becomes hard to believe. Parshaya and Archi’s age make it believable, and we also run with them to see what is in store for them.

The struggle of a runaway young couple has also been depicted with so much reality that you can relate with their each and every action. Having some money by selling the ornaments the girl is wearing, sleeping in the cinema hall and getting attacked by local police and goons are so real that you feel the pain with them.

Next comes the realisation by the girl when she started living in a filthy environment. Parshya being from a poor family doesn’t have that expectation from life, but Archi being born and brought up like a princess started feeling the punch, but continue for the love of Parshya. Life teaches everything, the Parshya and Archi’s love grow stronger with the struggles. Archie always miss her family and trying to make a contact will leave you sad. You feel bad for the leading lady and hope that life should become better for her.

You started feeling brighter with the progress of a better life for the couple; they get married and become a proud parent of a son. Both earning well, looking for a flat to book. Archie calls her mother and tell her that all now well settled. Seems that movie going to end with a feel good factor and there comes the real shock.

The climax of the movie is really sad where Parshya and Archie got brutally murdered by Archie’s brother and his goons once they find them. The last scene where their son walk with blood on his feet making a mark of his feet with blood of their parents as he walks is heart wrenching.

The story started with so much fun, continued with so much love and struggle, and ending with such a sad note will live with you for long. Even when you are back at home, you will keep thinking of Parshya and Archie, and that’s the beauty of this movie.

The Songs of Sairat is really soulful and energetic at the same time. If “Sairat Jhala Ji” is soulful, Zin Zin Zingat is energetic. Sairat was such a big hit have not surprised me once I watched the movie much later.


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