scion of ikshvaku

Scion of Ikshvaku Book Review

With Scion of Ikshvaku Book Review, Shalini Kumar feels it’s not much of a page turner and bit predictable. Read the complete review.

scion of ikshvaku book review
Scion of Ikshvaku Book Review: Shalini Kumar

Scion of Ikshvaku Book Review: Scion of Ikshvaku is the fourth book of Amish Tripathi who has also written the Shiva trilogy and is first in the three series of Ramayan. This book is based on the character of lord Ram but the storyline is different from The Ramayan. Amish have given a factual touch to it and it seems to be more real and closer to reality. In this book we see Ram’s journey till Sitaharan. Amish have succeeded in creating powerful character sketches of each and every individual character.

The most interesting thing about the book is the way the character of Sita has been depicted. Sita had been depicted a fragile, innocent kind of character in the old Ramayan. But in this book you will find her to be powerful, aggressive and a real warrior who can cut anybody’s head who dares providing harm to her husband. She is one of the most powerful characters in the book. One reason for this strong portrayal is the second part of the series which is named ‘Sita’. This is the reason that author has built her character so well in the first part.

If you keep on comparing the book with the old Ramayan, you will be amazed by the author’s creativity and imagination. He has brilliantly manipulated the entire situation but has also made it even more interesting as compared to the old one because there is no hint of magic in this book. All the powers and magic are replaced by real life believable instances.

Lastly I would conclude saying that it’s good but it could have been much better because in its struggle to be lot more realistic, it loses out on many developments and in depth storyline. It’s not much of a page turner. You just keep on reading it for the sake of finishing it. There is no ‘put the reader on the edge’ factor. Everything is predictable. You read it and think in yourself afterwards, ‘this is what I was thinking the end to be’.

Go ahead and give it a try once!


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