Flop Movies 2016

Flop Movies 2016The Flop Movies 2016 has been listed here with due respect of its makers, we understand it takes lots of time and money to make a film and we just can’t ignore the efforts.

Although there were many flops and super Flop Movies 2016, but we get hurt with those where expectations were high. 2016 was the year of Sequels and returns of big banners where expectations were really high; here I am listing top 10 movies which haven’t worked to the expectations of its viewers and can be considered as the Biggest Flop Movies 2016.

  1. Befikre: Considering the hype and expectation, Befikre was the biggest Flop Movies 2016. With the return of Aditya Chopra the expectation with this movie was really high. Also casting the current Heartthrob Ranveer Singh increased the expectations many folds. Songs were hit, Trailers were breezy with Ranveer Singh kissing Vaani Kapoor continuously but that could not save the film. The story was outdated, presentation was dull and all the kisses and cloths removing given nothing but a bad taste to it viewers.


  1. Mirzya: What to expect from the director of Rang De Basanti? Mirzya was superbly shot at exotic locations, visuals were fantastic, and songs were ultimate but fail to live up to the expectation of a Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Film with poor story telling. The Story of Mirza-Saahibaan is a very simple and short, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra fails to make it live on the big screen with his theatrical story telling style. Mirzya can be considered at the second biggest Flop Movies 2016.


  1. Shivaay: The super hyped movie by Ajay Devgan fails to impress its viewer with the Himalayan Adventure. You cannot just impress viewers by shooting in Himalayas. The abduction drama fails miserably with its story and execution. If we consider top 3, Shivaay will surely the third biggest Flop Movies 2016.
  2. Mohenjo Daro: When we think of a film by Ashutosh Gowariker, certainly names like Swades and Lagaan comes in our mind. Expectations from Mohenjo Daro was same what we witnessed with Swades and Lagaan, but the weak script and almost nothing to offer story makes the film one of the biggest flop of the year. Hrithik Roshan playing the lead and few good scores by AR Rahman was just wasted with this so called Historical Saga.
  3. Rock On 2: As 2016 was a year of Sequels, this one was most awaited. With the success of Rock On, Rock On 2 was expected to me more musical and engrossing. But with a very mediocre script and forgettable songs Rock On 2 disappoints its fan.


  1. Tum Bin 2: The another sequel of the year 2016 trying to encash the 2001 hit with one of the best music of that year just copied the story and the songs making it one of the worst sequel.


  1. Kahaani 2: The 2012 Kahaani was a thrilling experience, but the same thrill was missing from the sequel Kahaani 2. Although Sujoy Ghosh cleared that it’s not a sequel, but expectations were high from this fantastic director. Kahaani 2 as a sequel fails but as film it was ok for a one time watch.
  2. Housefull 3: This third episode was just a blunder.
  3. Azhar: Normally Biopics are good to watch and provides the filmmakers an opportunity to build on the life of the protagonist. With Azhar the opportunity has been wasted, the film was not entertaining even with strong lead performances.
  4. Jai Gangajal: Proceeding further after 2003 superhit Gangajal, Jai Gangajal was expected to be as fiery. With the able direction of Prakash Jha and Priyanka Chopra and Jha himself leading the cast, Jai Gangajal was just a onetime watch.

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