The Ghazi Attack

The claim of Indian Navy knocking down PNS Ghazi underwater near Vishakhapatnam Port was never accepted by Pakistan and they keep claiming that PNS Ghazi must have sunk with its own technical fault. Making base of this untold story The Ghazi Attack bring the bravery of our soldier on screen making it a thrilling movie.

The Ghazi AttackThe Ghazi Attack is a salute to the unsung hero of Indian Navy. There are many stories which remain untold and the hero unsung. This is the perfect tribute to those heroes who guard our borders day and night, on the ground and underwater and fight for the country even under extreme and adverse situations.

The Ghazi Attack more than a War Film is a story of passion, compassion and courage of our true hero – the men in the uniforms. It shows how officers with different temperaments fight for the country on their own way and ultimately unite over the common mission of the well being of our country.

The story is about our brave and courageous Naval Officers and their team who are set to safeguard the Indian Borders on Indian Submarine S21. Their underwater encounter with PNS Ghazi, the Pakistan Submarine who is set to destroy the INS Vikrant and ultimately knocking it down with their sheer determination and courage is what make the core of the film. Said to remain underwater for 18 days, it’s a courageous story of the team on board on Indian Submarine S21 and their underwater war with PNS Ghazi.

The story revolves around three main characters – Lt. Commander Arjun Verma (Rana Daggubati), Captain Ranvijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon) and Executive Officer Devraj (Atul Kulkarni). All on board on S21, Ranvijay is the aggressive face of the Team, ready to kill the opponents if seen without waiting for any orders. Arjun Verma is the rule abiding officer and Devraj is the officer working strategically between these two extremes. On spotting the PNS Ghazi it’s the internal conflict which takes over, but ultimately the team unites over the common goal of self survival and destroying the enemy submarine. The movie has its civilian as well – Ananya (Taapsee Pannu) who is saved by Arjun when their ship get destroyed by PNS Ghazi. Although she doesn’t have much to do in the movie, she remains a mute spectator of the mission.

The movie is fast paced and gripping, it will keep you thrilled and on the edge. All the underwater scenes have been shot brilliantly and will give you a feel of watching a Hollywood film. All the three main Character’s performance is flawless and well supported by Late Om Puri.

The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

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The Ghazi Attack The Ghazi Attack

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