Tum Bin 2

Tum Bin 2 get crushed as being sequel of Tum Bin and lost in the comparison.

Tum Bin 2The concept of making a sequel in Bollywood is getting just to en-cash the popularity of the first film and the filmmakers are not ready to take a chance to experiment further. Bhushan Kumar uniting with Anubhav Sinha after 15 years for Tum Bin 2, said to be a sequel of 2001 super hit film Tum Bin is on the same track and disappoint its viewer with the same old wine in a new bottle. Based on the concept of the same old story, it’s quite predictable and doesn’t excite its viewer.

Tum Bin 2, if not a sequel of Tum Bin, can be appreciated for its love lost and found story with the complicated relationship presented with beautiful locals of Glasgow and other parts of Scotland. But from the beginning itself the movie became predictable and you can guess the story further and feels cheated. With an expectation of having the next level of intriguing story after the brilliance of Tum Bin, Tum Bin 2 doesn’t do justice with the expectation of its viewers.

The movie starts with missing (considered to be death) of Amar (Aashim Gulati) on a skiing activity which left her girlfriend Taran (Neha Sharma) shocked and devastated as she cannot think of a life without Amar. There comes Shekhar (Aditya Seal), the happy go lucky guy who wins the heart of all with his charm. He helps Taran to get out of the tragedy and helps a lot making her business dream come true. In process he falls in love with her. As it was expected, Amar comes back who was in coma for the last eight years. It starts a “whom to chose and whom to leave” dilemma for Taran. Taran wants to do justice with Shekhar who has done a lot for her and chooses to leave Amar, whereas Shekhar understanding the situation want Taran to go back to Amar. Shekhar doing the sacrifice makes the end of the film.

As both the lead actors are new (Aditya Seal’s second after “Ek Chhotisi Love Story”), the film disappoints on the acting part as well. Aditya Seal being the main lead has managed somewhat, Aashim Gulati seems to be out of frame most of the time. Aditya Seal with his charming look match with the beautiful locations of Scotland. Neha Sharma as the devastated girlfriend and then as love choice of two gentleman’s has done justice to her role.

After story, it was the song also who has not left it makers to think further. “Teri Fariyad” from Tum Bin was a superhit and recreated again for Tum Bin 2 as well. As Jagjit Singh died in 2011, his version was kept as it is and Rekha Bharadwaj’s rendition mixed with it to give it a new look. From other songs, “Ishq Mubarak” sung by Arijit Singh and Shubhanshu Kesharwani and the Title Track by Ankit Tiwari (Misic and Vocal) makes a mark.

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